Post-Spin, Pre-Invention: MATC

I think it is fitting that first post on my shiny, new, professional site comes after the 2018 MATC (Mid-America Theatre Conference) has ended. MATC always serves as my professional and creative New Years, or Epiphany. January 1 I set out my goals, personal and professional, but it’s not until mid March that I really know how I want my calendar year to shake out. Sure, I’ve been making good on my goal to run 5K, my house is mostly clean, and I’ve been reading more books than subreddits before bed.

But it’s the other goals and resolutions that I’m fuzzy on during these early days of the calendar. I want to write a play. I want to get my “please hire me” portfolio together. I need to find something to occupy my brain now that I’m under-employed and finished with the dissertation. There are the things I need to do, things I need to make a plan for – but I lack the inspiration and clarity to make them happen. MATC always cuts through the haze and leaves me hopeful, and oh so full of plans.

This year’s theme was Spin. Beyond the panels and the papers (which I will post about later), I’ve been in a bit of spin myself. I finished my dissertation, defended it well, and finally achieved my dream. I had to quit my day job; a job I enjoyed immensely with people I love fiercely. After the whirlwind of revisions, more revisions, lost formatting, defense, job loss, and post-graduation exhaustion-triggered illness, I found myself all turned around. MATC is the wall I put my hand on to stop the room from spinning.

In the coming days (or weeks) I will post about the lessons learned and the ideas sparked by this amazing conference and the members who made it happen. Until, here’s Millie.

Millie the Duck

Millie is one of six Milwaukee ducklings hatched by Gertie the Duck in 1945.