Love, Loss, and What I Wore

by Nora and Delia Ephron

October 12–14, 2018. MidCity Ballroom, Baton Rouge, LA. Red Magnolia Theatre Company.

I was approached by the founders of Red Magnolia Theatre Company to direct their inaugural production. RMTC was founded in 2017 with the purpose of creating more artistic and performance opportunities for women in the Baton Rouge area. The founders chose Love, Loss, and What I Wore as their first show. After I attended a reading of the script, I saw its potential for a full production.

Love, Loss, and What I Wore is usually performed as a staged reading, with five women playing all the roles. I expanded this concept to a fully produced show and a cast of 16 women.

“Stitching our memories together” is my unifying concept. The women in this play are stitching together their stories, weaving them together as universal threads of love, longing, and their experience through the clothes they wear in the world. The acts of sewing, dying, cutting, and weaving are what create the cloth to which we give meaning. I see this play as collection of those same acts. With this in mind, I see Gingy as The Designer, a creative figure taking the memories of these woman to recreate the garments that have shaped their lives. She intersperses her stories as she works to prepare her own memory garments. The power of spoken memories imbue the fabric of the garments Gingy is preparing, just as they imbue our lives. 

Love, Loss, and What I Wore photos by Teresa Alvarez

The Blue Djinn

By Tom Rowan

April 30–May 5, 2013. LSU Lab Theatre; Outworks LGBTQ New Play Festival

In 2013 I was the Coordinator for Outworks, and after I read Tom Rowan’s The Blue Djinn I decided to take on the additional mantle of director. This play centers on a shy musician who brings home a mysterious go-go dancer named Blue. Their brief and beautiful encounter demonstrates the powers of risk, belief, and connection.


By Caridad Svich

November 17, 2012. Off-The-Hyphen Productions in partnership with NoPassport Theatre. The Red Shoes Spiritual Center, Baton Rouge, LA. Staged Reading.

Spark is a play about three sisters navigating trauma, love, and faith. It tells the story of Lexie and her sisters after she returns home after war and how they figure out how to be a family again in the face of PTSD, income inequality, and the fallout of the Great Recession.

The Smell of the Kill

By Michele Lowe

November 1–6, 2011. LSU Lab Theatre.

The Smell of the Kill tells the story of Nicky, Debra, and Molly; three sort of friends who are forced to make niceties once of month because their husbands are close friends. This seldom-seen other side of spousal obligations takes a turn for the violent when the three women drop their masks and discover their shared rage.


By Moliere. Translation by Prudence L. Steiner

March 18–20, 2010. MainStage, University of Arkansas Fort Smith. Fort Smith, AR.